Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hawaii Update 200705120511

Hi All!

Yesterday we went to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We took a drive around the summit caldera of Kilauea volcano, visiting the main attractions along the road. We then went on a hike through the Kilauea Iki crater. The hike begins with a steep descent through a tropical rain forest, then an amazing walk across the volcanic crater, and finally a climb back out of the crater to where we parked the car. I forgot to take sunscreen with me so I got somewhat burned during this hike.

After completing the Crater Rim Drive, and seeing some Nene on the way, we went on to see some sea turtles at Punalu'u black sand beach. Well, the sand was black, and we saw two sea turtles there, sleeping. Next, we went to South Point, the southernmost point in the USA, but at 18.9111 degrees north, it is not the the southernmost point I ever was.

Next, we went to the southernmost restaurant in the USA at Na'alehu, HI and ate some overpriced lunch there. We then concluded our detour to the south and headed back towards the volcanoes national park to see some lava. Even though we followed all rules and guidelines, and hiked quite a long way in the dark, we still could not really see any lava. That was quite disappointing. This is why I plan on seeing the lava today or tomorrow from the air. Hopefully, this would be a fun experience, and I would see some real lava.

That's all for today. Click here for an overview of today's route.

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