Friday, May 11, 2007

Hawaii Update 200705101230

Hi All!
Update from the road to Hawaii - San Francisco Int'l Aiport. Two flights down, two to go. For those who don't know I'm flying to Hawaii for 12 days for a conference and trip. Today I'm flying TLV-AMS-SFO-HNL-ITO.


The flight from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam was on an old 737 with no entertainment system, but only lasted 5 short hours. I spent most of the flight sleeping and chatting with Itai who came with me.

The second flight (Amsterdam-San Francisco) was on a nice Boeing 747-400 (for those who don't know, that's a jumbo jet). I had one of the best seats on the flight, in the front of Economy class, with lots of room and I spent some time of the 11 hour flight sleeping on the floor. Other time was spent checking some papers and eating the lots of food that was available. The cabin crew was very nice and the flight was much easier than I thought it would be.

Note that this flight departed on 11:00 and landed on 13:30 (local time), which means it was continuoulsy noon onboard the flight for 11 hours! I'm not sure if I was in an airplane or a time machine...

I had a tight connection to my next flight, so I rushed off the plane. I was the first person off the flight (even before Business Class) and rushed to passport control, which ran smoothly with no lines whatsover. The only problem was my connecting flight to Honolulu was is more than an hour
delayed. Now I am expecting a tight connection at Honolulu. Therefore, I am expecting to actually send this mail (and additional updates) only when I reach our accomodations at Hilo.

BTW: All timestamps are Hawaiian time, which is 13 hours earlier than Israel time.

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