Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy π day!

Today is March 14th, aka pi day, a day celebrating one of the most important numbers in mathematics - π.

Since I happened to be in Germany today, I celebrated π day with my brother and his wife by making 2π -- a yummy beef pie for dinner and a chocolate pie for dessert.

 Beef pie for pi day

For dessert we decided to make the pie even more meaningful and decorate the pie with the first few digits of π, resulting in a delicious, and informative pie:

Chocolate pi with digits!

More photos are available on Flickr and Facebook.

In other news, I'll be arriving in Israel on Tuesday. If you want to meet me, let me know...


  1. Seeing you would be nice. Let me know when you are in +9724 dialing area.

    Happy post-pie day.


  2. I would love to meet you Alon.


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