Tuesday, May 15, 2007

From China to Eilat on TheBus

Hi All from Holiday Inn Waikiki Hawaii!
Today I decided to visit downtown Honolulu and chinatown, and the famous Waikiki beach. So, I took TheBus to downtown. It turned out I picked the wrong day to do so, as most sites are closed on Mondays. I did however see the state capitol and venture into chinatown, which is just like any other chinatown in the US. I concluded my downtown excursion with a visit to a botanic garden including a guided tour by a botanist.

Then I took TheBus back to the hotel and took a walk to the all-so-famous Waikiki beach. To my disappointment, Waikiki beach is exactly like the promenade of Eilat -- many huge hotels, several steet vendors selling overpriced food and water gear, and lots and lots of people on the beach, and an abundance of beautiful women. All in all, really nothing to see. The only thing different is the dormant volcano in the background, but it seems most of the tourists are much more into the ocean than the mountain.

So, I hopped back on TheBus, and returned to the hotel, where I can surf freely without even entering the ocean, thanks to the hi-speed Internet connection.

Tomorrow I plan to absorb some American history at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, and maybe climb Diamond Head.

P.S. No photos from today, as I didn't bring a camera and Itai is on Kauai.

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