Saturday, July 28, 2007

Moving out

Mess in my roomThat's it! I have moved all my stuff out from my dorm room and office. My father helped pack and move all the stuff I have gathered in the past nine years into boxes and bring it all home to my parents' house, where it all stands (as you can see on the right) filling up the entire room.

After four hours of work packing and carrying, all my physical belongings are now in this one room. Moved items include lots of clothes, paper, and one computer and printer.

The next step is the hard one: unpack and sort all of this junk and pack only two suitcases for my new life in the United States.


  1. It is surely a huge challenge to sort everything... I really wonder if you ever get to see the colour of your carpet again:)

  2. Laconic? TamArrrgh29 July, 2007 18:36

    New life in the United States!
    Hagam ata, puki?

    Very sad, very sad indeed.

    Norway, on the other hand...

  3. Hi Tamar! Thank you for dropping by! Wish you a safe journey home.

  4. when are you leaving?

    to tell you the truth, when i read it i forgot that you are leaving israel, so i was thinking to my self "what the hell is wrong with alon! i mean going back to his parents' house?!?"

  5. It's incredible how many things you gather, most of them junk. There is something refreshing in looking through all your stuff and clearing out what is unneeded.

  6. [...] all my stuff, both the stuff that’s going with me to the states (three suitcases) and the stuff that stays here (two boxes and several [...]

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