Monday, July 16, 2007

Handbag Only

KLM 737-800Last week I flew back home with no luggage, with only a handbag. This was due to the fact that I left my luggage at my brother's house in Saarbrücken. I will pick the luggage up when I return to Dagstuhl (and my brother) in October.

However, then I will be flying from the US and back, and thus will be able to carry the luggage left at my brother's house in addition to whatever luggage I fly with to the US.

So, how do you fly handbag only? I checked in for my flights the day before and printed out an electronic boarding pass. I then used this boarding pass to go directly to the gate and board the flight without even passing the checking counters. Even my Silver status was mentioned on the boarding pass, so I got to use priority boarding as well.

In the Amsterdam - Tel Aviv leg I was assigned a whole row, but shortly before departure the flight attendants had to move two children who sat near the emergency exit to my row.

Upon landing at Ben Gurion airport, I head directly outside and wait for a shared taxi that (after three hours) brought me home.


  1. Life as a handbag tourist. makes you wanna travel light, ah?

  2. Yes, I'm now considering a mileage run in first class - almost 10,000 EQM for $490. The only problem is how I get to Houston, TX.

  3. no get there by foot of course:)

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  5. Last week I flew back home with no baggage, with just a tote. This was because of the way that I went out in Saarbrücken.Write My Assignments I will get the gear when I return to Dagstuhl (and my sibling) in October.