Monday, June 25, 2007

BISFAI day 1 - Jet lagged

Brain Research CenterThe Bar-Ilan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence was last Wednesday - Friday at Bar Ilan University. I arrived at Bar Ilan right after my visa interview. As I noticed I arrived on time only for the lunch break, I decided to go and grab some lunch and meet with an online friend of mine who studies Biology at BIU.

After this very short but fun meeting, I made way to the main conference venue - the new Brain Research Center at BIU. The afternoon sessions were about Planning and Modeling, which are not my field of research. Moreover, I had trouble staying awake due to the early wake-up hours. So, I spent most of the time outside socializing with other people in the field. Many of them I have never met in Israel before, even though they were all Israelis.

I had a paper in the conference, which was presented by co-author -- Avivit. I missed the presentation, but I heard from others that it went well.

After the conference day ended, I took a bus to Azrieli Center in order to meet with my brother and his wife and play video games. I arrived one hour early and looked for something to do, but all I could find were stores who sell clothes or food. So, I sat down on a bench and continued correcting Avivit's paper.

When they finally arrived, we played many video games at the center and finally returned to their home in Hertzeliya to go to sleep for the second day of the conference.


  1. You *could* go up the tower for the view....

  2. I did that when I was there last time, one year ago during the 2nd Lebanon war... Then, Haifa residents got a discount.

  3. 1. thought conferences are for learning new info not for socialzing:)
    2. any interesting video game? any PC immitation?

  4. 1. Nah, it's for tell people about what you did, not learning new stuff.

    2. Not really, just the standard stuff.