Sunday, September 24, 2006

A walk in the park…

Hi All!
I'm sitting now in Central Park in Ney York city. It's 9AM now, and I'm
waiting for the Natural History Museum to open at 10 o'clock. This morning I
went to a diner to eat an early breakfast at 6:30, then I took the subway to
central park. It's huge! I've walked around the reservior and through the
lawn until I reached the corner of the Natural History Museum. Then I sat
down, found open wi-fi and started to send e-mails.
There is a long running myth of the USA being an English-speaking country.
It isn't. The signs are in English (among other languages), but people here
speak mostly Spanish. Many people here struggle to speak English. It's
amazing. I've met people in Berlin that speak better English than here.

See you all later,

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