Monday, September 25, 2006

Battery Park

Hi All,
I'm now in Battery Park, New York. In spite of this name, you cannot
charge your battery here. I guess it's an analog to dog park. In a dog park,
your dog empties; In Battery Park, your battery empties. In any case,
yesterday was a very interesting day for me in New York.
After walking in Central Park, I went to the American Museum of Natural
History -- the largest and best of its kind in the world! They have a huge
dinasour display, the largest sapphire in the world, and many other
exhibits. I spent almost all day there, arriving at opening and leaving only
1.5 hours before closing time.
After that I took the subway to the Museum of Modern Art, which was about
to close and charged too much for admission so I did not enter. Instead, I
went to Times Square. Times Square is simply amazing! All flashing and
moving lights. I could now say I was in Times Square in New Year's, just not
the right one :)...
This morning, I took the subway to battery park, and will soon meet my
father and brother here in New York.

Bye for now,

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