Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Upstate New York

Hello my friends!
I'm writing this message from our inn[1] in Cambridge, MA. Yesterday we
have driven through some beautiful terrain, forrests all around and state
parks everywhere.
We had several activities planned for that day, but we didn't have most of
them. We didn't find any walking trails in Bear Mountain park, the huge
Catskill park is full of private houses with "POSTED - NO TRESPASSING! KEEP
OUT!" signs. The Storm King sculpture garden in Mountainvile, NY is closed
on Tuesdays, and the West Point military academy does have a bus tour, but
we decided not to take it.
What we did do, was a picnic in Bear Mountain Park, a short trail in the
Catskills in a "Day Use Area by the NY State dept. of Nature Consetvation"
and a lot of driving. Some of which I did myself! It was surprisingly easy
getting used to a new car, and driving 65mph (105km/h) with cruise control
is quite fun.
Finally, we arrived at the inn. The inn is actually a house with
Victorian-style decor. Our room is in the 3rd floor with no elevator. So
this is how a $150/night B&B looks like.

That's all for now,


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