Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mails from DC

Hi All!

I'm writing this mail on a Peter Pan bus from New York to Washington DC
(no internet connection here, writing it offline). This morning I woke up at
6:45 at the dorm in Boston University. I took the T (Mass. Transport) to
South Station, where I bought a ticket to Washington DC for $71. I arrived
there at about 7:45 and the bus left at 8:00, but I still managed to buy
breakfast at McDonald's in the station.
There is no direct bus line from Boston to DC, so I had to change busses at
New York. Upon arriving at New York the bus passed through the Bronx,
Harlem, 5th ave., Colombus st., and near Central Park. The bus terminal
itself is located near Lincoln tunnel. I don't exacly know what all these
names mean, but I guess you can search for them on the web.

I had a very short layover in NY, where I bought myself lunch at the diner
in the terminal. It was very strange. They spoke a language somewhat similar
to English, but not quite. I don't like New Yorkers. Anyway, after buying
lunch I rushed to board the bus to DC, which I am on now. There was a
beautiful view of the city from the bus (though I didn't film it because I
was eating my lunch). The bus passed by Newark airport, and I think we're
now in Pensilvania. The bus now went on a bridge over a broad lake or river.
I'm not sure where we are exactly, but it's about 2 hours from New York
(about halfway to DC). After the bridge, we just entered Delaware ("The
first state"). The bus has now parked. I think the driver has changed tapes
in the VCR that is inside the bus and went to take a break. During the ride
there was a lame movie on TV screens inside the bus, but thankfully it's now
over. The driver has now restarted the VCR, and I hope the next movie will
be better.

I hope I'll find free wireless access in DC so I can send you this mail
(if you're getting this - I guess I did). Oh, there are many photos from NY
and the bus ride, and some from Boston, that I will upload too (I think it's

See you all next week,

Hi All!

I'm writing this mail at the Washington memorial at Washington, DC. I have
arrived safely to DC and took a cab to the hostel. The hostel is OK, though
there is no wireless internet there. I got a bed, linen and a locker, and
they will pay for the cab as well. I arrived at about 18:30, so I took a bus
to the white house (it's on the same street - 16th street) and am now
walking around "the mall", where all the important buildings are: Wash.
memorial, Lincoln memorial, US Capitol, White House, etc. Great place to
drop a bomb ;). [Note to NSA: i'm just kidding here]. Speaking of NSA, their
HQ is close by. I might go visit there as well later this week.

As I arrived quite late, all the buildings here are already closed. The
weather is fine, though a bit foggy. Temperature is good and no rain,
although there was rain on the bus ride here, and rain is forecasted for the
rest of the week.

In the hostel I met two German girls from Hamburg who share the room with
me, though they are leaving tomorrow. I guess I'll meet the others later.
There is no wireless internet access there, though I can use their machine
for $0.10/min. Also, there's no wireless nets here in the Wash. Memorial.
More correctly, there are nets but these are either encrypted or too weak.

There is currently a protest going on by the Washington Memorial by some
Falun Dafa people (Chinese people who stand in strange ways to protest
something). They're just sitting there with yellow shirts handing out
pamphlets. Very weird.

I hope I could actually send you these mails (if you get this, it means
I found a way).

Bye for now,

Hi all again!
It's me, searching for wifi at the Lincoln Memorial (there is none). I
walked across the reflecting pool (it really is reflecting when you reach
the end), and arrived at the Lincoln Memorial, which includes a copy of the
Gettysburg address and other stuff from American history. The airport is
really closeby. Planes in almost full-size are flying around here all the
time. This is good, since I'm departing from this aiport as well.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about what I did on the bus rides here. I
tried to see how many different states' license plates I can find on cars on
the road. I saw cars from Florida, New Jersey, New York, Penn., Mass., South
Caroilna, Tenesee, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, and even one from Rhode
Island. But, the funniest were the plates from Washington DC, which contain
the catch phrase "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION", and I thought I just
left a town where they made a tea party for that... (the catchphrase refers
to the fact that DC has no seats in the senate, where there are two per
state, as if I recall cannot participate in presidential elections).

More updates to come, mails will actually be sent only when I reach


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