Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last update from DC

Hi all!
I'm now sitting at McDonald's eating lunch thinking about weather or not
to connect to the net (probably not).
Yesterday night, I went back to the old hostel to get my money back. They
gave me only $46 instead of $69 because they said I checked out late. When I
told the person there that he told me it's OK, he agreed it's his mistake,
and he'll send me the money. I gave him my address in Israel and my e-mail
address. Then, I went back to the new hostel and went online, chatted with
some friends (you know who you are...) and filled a suggestion form on the
DC metro website, regarding their bus nomenclature (it's not a good idea to
have a bus stop with both 68 and G8 and one with both 54 and S4).
Today I woke up early and took a bus directly to the Bureau of Envgraing
and Printing to get my free ticket. At 8:15 I had a free ticket for 9:00
tour. Then, I noticed the line for tickets for the Washington Monument. I
stood in line, and if I had got tickets for a later tour at the BEP, I could
have got a ticket for the Washington Monument as well, but I have to leave
the line to get to my BEP tour.
In the BEP we saw I film about how US currency is printed, and then were
taken to see the actual process of the printing of real currency from a
viewing balcony. We actually got to see millions of dollars being printed. I
didn't take any pictures, as photography is strictly prohibited. After the
tour I went to the gift shop, and bought a bag with $150 for only $2! The
only catch is the $150 are in defective currency that was shredded :)...
In the gift shop I also saw how the BEP *really* makes money. They sell
$100 star-bills there for $125, and sell bills with special serial numbers
for even more.
After visiting the BEP, I took a bus to Union Station, where the National
Postal Musuem (by the Smithsonian Institute) is located. I took a beta-test
version of a PDA-like tour system and looked inside the museum. The museum
is quite small, but more interesting than the Indian museum...
I left the museum at about 12:00 noon and went for lunch at McD. I have
several options for this afternoon: 1) National american art museum &
portrait gallery. 2) The Smithsonain Zoo. 3) Library of Congress books.
Tomorrow morning I might try to go very early and get a ticket for the
Washington Memorial, but I will probably be online in the morning until I
leave for the airport at about 10:00 (17:00 your time). I don't know if
there's wifi at the airport, so if you want to talk to me be online before
17:00 tomorrow (Israel time).
My flight plan for your (and my own) reference (all times local):
28Jul 13:00 - 14:17 DCA-EWR
28Jul 16:05 - 09:30+1 EWR-TLV

Hi All!
The time here is 22:30... none of you are online this late (or early). I'm
in the hostel now, and here is my latest update from DC, and probably the

After lunch I went to the portrait and American art museum. More art that
doesn't mean anything to me. There was a room there were you could view
actual restoration of artwork being done, however no interesting restoration
could be observed when I was there. After seeing that art, I decided to go
to the Library of Congress and finish reading the books I started earlier. I
almost finished "Catch me if you Can" before the library closed at 21:30. I
took the bus back to the hostel, and here I am.

At the hostel, I checked in for my flight home. Flight departs at 13:00
here (20:00 in Israel) and lands Saturday at 9:00. I'll try to go online
again at DCA, and will almost surely be online in the morning until 10:00
(17:00 Israel time).

See you all in Israel,

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