Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mail from DC…

Hi all!
Long time no mail (ironically, because I had a good Internet connection).
Here is the update on my whereabouts for the last 2 days, and later I'll get
to where I am now.
Yesterday was a day of art. I decided to go to the National Gallery and
take 2 guided tours. One of French imperssionism, and one of modern art. The
tours were mildly intersting. The modern art one more so. The architecture
of the modern art building is quite unique (check out the photos in the 107
and 108 series).
After the tours I went to McDonald's for lunch and a $3/2hr Internet
connection. Some of you were online at the time, so I chatted with you using
up the entire 2 hours. During that time dad recommended I switch hostels.
There turned out to be a nice hostel within one block of the McDonald's I
was in, so I check out the place, it was $9 more expensive but had FREE
WIFI(!) and was much closer to the center of DC.
So, I went to the old hostel to check out and they could not refund my
money because they didn't have it there. They told me to come back today to
take it, which I will. I checked in at the old hostel, and spent the rest of
the evening online.
Today, I decided to fill-in the last museums that I've missed. I started
with the Hirshoorm museum of modern art (not the one from yesterday), and
had a 1-on-1 tour of the sculpture garden (no one else wanted to go on that
tour). Afterwards I looked around the art in the museum myself. I
especially liked a film of TIM-style chain reactions.
Next, I went to the nearby National Museum of the American Indian. The
museum includesvery high-quality and stunning presentation techniques.
Almost no 90-degree edges can by found anywhere in the building, and
everything is very neatly desgined. The only problem I had with the museum
is that the subject matter isn't of interest to me at all...
So, after a short visit in that museum, I went for lunch at McDonald's
(one much closer than yesterday, which I located using Google maps). After
lunch, I took the bus to 14th street and went to the museums over there.
First was the Forest Service museum, which was one uninteresting room.
Second, was the Holocaust museum, which seemed to me not as effective as
even the old Yad VaShem. Next was the Bureau of Envgraing and Printing,
which could have been interesting to tour unless they had the "Free ticket"
scheme going on (that is, you need to arrive at 6am and wait till 8am to get
I decided to continue walking and cross the bridge to see the Jefferson
and Rosewelt memorials. I am now sitting next to the tidal basin after
visiting both memorials. I intend to take a bus to the old hostel to get my
money back and then return to the new hostel for Internet and sleep.
Tomorrow is my last day here, and it is still to be planned. I think on
going to the Smithsonian Zoo and/or the postal museum, as well as one of the
free-ticket-required sites.


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