Thursday, November 22, 2007

To Eat Turkey and Rest

Thanksgiving Turkey(Title sounds better in Hebrew)

Today is the 4th Thursday of November, which means Thanksgiving Day is celebrated throughout the United States. This is the day where Americans celebrate their conquest over the native Americans ("Indians"). This is the most family-inclined of all US vacations, and most people use this holiday to meet with their families and eat together, similar to the Jewish Passover.

As a tribute to this togetherness, the family I live with have invited me to join their Thanksgiving celebrations. I got to meet many members of their family in their house in Palo Alto. They have invited me for dinner as well, but I have already booked dinner at Stanford.

The Stanford dinner included Turkey and mashed potatoes. I met there someone I have met while walking "the dish" on one of my first days here.

Tomorrow is Black Friday. While in most cultures calling a day "Black" implies a negative context, Black Friday actually celebrates the most American tradition of them all: Shopping. The use of the word "black" comes from the fact that retailers start making profit, and thus are "in the black" after this day. It turns out that the day after Thanksgiving marks the start of the US Winter Holiday Season, and specifically the shopping season before Christmas. Many retailers have sales on this day, and unless your are shopping-crazed it's advised that you stay home, which is exactly what I plan to do.


  1. doesn't this post belong in the category 'Turkey'?

  2. I think that category is strictly limited to the country by that name. Maybe India...

  3. we all protest for lack of new posts!
    pls write more often.

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