Monday, November 19, 2007

To the city

View from Vista point on I-280Yesterday, was my birthday, and my friend Jesse and I went over to "the city" known as San Francisco. At start, I drove and she navigated (with the aid of my friend Miss GPS). We went to see city hall and the opera house, then to Japantown and ate an American lunch. The next stop on our journey was Coit Tower (nothing to do with the radio station KOIT).

Here we switched places, with Jesse driving and me navigating, and didn't get much out of the car. We saw the palace of fine arts, and the golden gate bridge. The route took us by the Pacific shore, though we couldn't see anything due to heavy fog. At this point we decided to head back home. We ate dinner at a nice pie restaurant and back to Jesse's house where we saw the movie Garden State.

Pictures from the Tour


  1. What do you mean by an 'American lunch'?
    and didn't you forget the links to your friends?

  2. 1. We ate at Denny's
    2. What do you mean links to your friends?

  3. Nice trip. San Fransisco is notorious for the fog.