Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quake 5.6

5.6 Magnitude EarthquakeYesterday night, I have felt an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 on the Richter scale. At the time, I was playing boardgames in Mountain View and all the tables started moving slightly and then stopped. No damage or injury was caused by the earthquake, but immediately people called their friends on cellphones to check on them and to tell them they are OK. I didn't call because it was 4 AM in Israel. I decided I'll blog on it when I get home. When I did get home, I started writing this post, but I fell asleep due to jet lag.

In other news, I'm giving a talk today at the group lunch as the person who was planned to talk today had to cancel. I'm giving the same talk I gave at Dagstuhl, so it should be easy for me.


  1. the full dagstuhl talk, not the comic ones, right?

  2. Yes, the full talk. Not the comic one and not the short SERIOUS one.

  3. it is the first time you were actually at the center of a quake.
    am glad it wasn't the big one...
    being there maybe you should transfer your interests from airplane crashes to earthquakes:)

  4. I liked the title of your post.
    You should report this small quake to another great episode of "seconds from disaster".
    Oh, and regarding RAK's comment on the "comic talk", from my perspective at least, I didn't understand a word of that comic talk...
    Go figure - Computer science professor's humor :)
    This is what 10 years out of the Technion did to me.

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