Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abflug nach Deutschland

Approximate flight path to Frankfurt(that is, departure to Germany for those of you who don't know German)

Yes, I'm flying again, this today my itinerary is SFO-IAH-AMS-FRA (that's San Francisco, Houston, Amsterdam, Frankfurt), and then a train to Saarbruecken. The plan is to fly to Germany for a conference and visit my brother on the way. I'm going to be there for 10 days. I'm all packed (well, except my laptop) and in an hour I'll be boarding the shuttle to the airport to start my journey.

In order to qualify for platinum I need about 3000 more miles. If I do not get any other trip funded this year, I'm considering doing a mileage run to West Palm Beach or to Boston. In the case of Boston, I might want to stay there for up to a week. Honolulu is also an option, although more expensive and with less miles.


  1. Assuming that you are flying from SFO, you may wish to consider few short trips (as there is a minimal number of miles that are acquired for each flight). Even better, by flying with several connections, e.g., SFO->IAH->EWR->X and back you are expected to gather enough miles.

    In any case, you may wish to consider a visit to Cuba (SFO->CUN->HAV) or if you do not want to get to any trouble with the US government, then you can just go to central america. Guatemala is a wonderful place, as well as Costa Rica. And they are supposed to be relatively cheap.

    Good luck with the platinum ;)

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