Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow I’ll be gone

All packed and ready to go (not!)Tomorrow will be my last day in Israel before my big move. Almost everything is packed, the room is clean, and soon I'll be dining a last supper with all of my friends (and it's not even Passover).

I have spent the last few days packing all my stuff, both the stuff that's going with me to the states (three suitcases) and the stuff that stays here (two boxes and several drawers).

Tomorrow I will do some last-minute shopping and laundry and finalize all the packing. My flight leaves at 04:30 on Monday instead of 05:30 due to the fact that Israel ending daylight savings time tonight while Europe will keep on DST until October 28th.

Interestingly enough the US will do the DST move on November 4th. This means that will move my watch backwards by one hour three times the same year (Israel, Europe, and USA).


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  1. Have a wonderful and successful move!

  2. Have a great time and take care. Good luck in finding a car, an apartment and all that jazz.