Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New car, new friends

My CarI haven't updated in some time. You don't have to worry. I'm doing fine. Yesterday I picked up my brand new blue 2008 Toyota Yaris, all paid for and insured. So now I have a car and a place to live. I got a good deal on the car and paid only $16,300 for it including all taxes.

Today I bought a parking permit for the car, so now I can actually park on campus. I also finally got my student number and ID card, and my network ID, so now I can use my laptop anywhere on campus.

I have done other stuff this weekend. On Sunday I went on a short hike to "the dish", a radio-telescope here at Stanford and made some new friends from all over the world.

I was also told about a BBQ at the Jewish center here at Stanford on Monday night so I went there as well. Many nice people, very few Israelis there. After the BBQ party, they aired the first episode of season 2 of Heroes on a big screen, so I stayed to watch.

Next post I'll talk about the wonders of eBay.


  1. a. nice car. pls do drive carefully.
    b. we all like to read about your short trip to Mexico City asap:)

  2. [...] Stanford dinner included Turkey and mashed potatoes. I met there someone I have met while walking “the dish” on one of my first days [...]

  3. "After selling a huge number of ten room tents, I had enough money to buy a brand new car. After buying the car I had enough money left to buy the car parking space at the University and received all other things and now I can use the laptop anywhere in the university. Due to having a car I visited many places at the weekend and made so many new friends.