Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Twins!Today, Jan 14, 2009, I have become an Uncle. Yes, my older brother is now a father of twin girls, and all is well. I have not yet seen the babies, but once I get photos, I'll post them here.

The growth of the family is a good reason to celebrate, and in our case, it means a family union in Israel scheduled for February. My brother is coming from Germany and I'm coming from the US for a first meeting the newly-extended family.

For those of you who care, my dates in Israel will be Feb 9 to 16 -- one week. During those days I plan to vote. Although I'm not yet sure what party I'll vote for. The options I'm considering "Meretz" and "Hadash", both left-wing parties. Hadash is the only left-wing party that opposed the war in Gaza, but Meretz stands a chance of actually taking part in a central-left government.

Those of you who live in Israel and have the right to vote, don't forget to vote for peace because war isn't good for anyone.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you hethre! :)
    (the father)

  3. I'm there for 7-13/Feb.

    And I'm also wondering who to vote for.

  4. am looking forward to hug you all,,,
    and the little ones are really adorable:)
    the grandfather.

  5. [...] I have posted before, my brother has recently had twin daughters, which made me a new uncle. As many of you know, babies [...]

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