Monday, July 21, 2008

Oral Surgery

After SurgeryToday I underwent oral surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure was the removal of my two lower wisdom teeth which were impacted. This procedure is uncommon in the US for people my age (27). Usually people get their teeth removed in their teens even if there aren't any complications.

The clinic I have chosen was within short walking distance from my home and I arrived there in less than half an hour:

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Before the procedure, I had to pay the bill. Due to my insurance I had to pay only a 20% co-pay, and that amounted to "only" $238, which I paid and proceeded to read the book I brought with me.

Later, I was called in, hooked to an IV and got some oral shots.  The procedure itself went smoothly, and in a split-second (from my point of view) I was in recovery.

Due to the anesthesia, I could not walk back home. The clinic strongly recommends having someone drive you home and look after you. I could not find anyone who was willing and able to do that for me, so I had to stay for a few more hours in the clinic for recovery and then took a taxi home.

At home, I took some pain meds and antibiotics, as the doctor ordered and contacted my friends and family onine. Now I can't talk, and have trouble drinking. Hopefully this will pass in the next few hours so I could have dinner tonight.


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

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