Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cleaning up

A mopYesterday I have passed the most difficult exam in all my PhD: The cleanliness test for my dorm room. And I did it all by myself.

I have always avoided doing cleaning work due to lack of know-how and experience. I usually opted for easier solutions, such as getting help from my parents or hiring a maid.

At start, this task was no different. My plan was to ask the maid that regularly cleans the dorm apartment on Wednesdays to clean my room as well. However, it turns out that she works every other Wednesday, not including this one. Moreover, it turns out that if I return the dorm room starting from August 1st (Wednesday) I need to pay for another half-month. To make matters worse, I discovered all this only on July 30th and could not find a maid in such a short notice.

My backup plan was to have the maid clean the room next Wednesday and pay the extra half-month fee. However, I decided I can try and avoid this expense. I tried to handle the task on my own. Using information I gathered from watching others do this task, and online how-to sources, I managed to clean the room enough to pass the cleanliness test required to return the room, and yesterday at noon it was all behind me.

This is the first time I have passed a cleaning test all by myself and I feel proud. Some people used to tell me "You don't need a PhD in order to clean your room". Well, now that I (almost) have a PhD I can tell you that I might not need a PhD to clean my room, but I probably need to be able to clean my room to get the PhD...

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  1. Next time you need a maid, you might try calling some of your friends who hire maids and see if their maids are available...
    Generally speaking, I think all PhDs should have room-cleaning as a requirement, with maybe a course for beginners, for those who need it...

  2. How long did it take you to clean it?
    and how long did you study for the cleaning?

  3. I did it in parts over two nights and the last morning in parallel to chatting online. I have already performed the research several months ago when I encountered a similar problem (but then I did manage to get help).

    I guess the work itself took several hours of actual work time.

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  6. Congratulations on conquering the cleanliness test! Tackling this task independently shows resilience and resourcefulness. Your experience highlights the importance of self-sufficiency, even in unexpected situations. Well done!
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